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What Well Rested Parents Say

"I am so glad you came to our home and taught us how to build a healthy routine for our baby. We have had a terrible sleeping experience with our first child, and we wanted to make it right this time.
You explained the importance of sleep, showed us all the techniques, and trained us on how to let him learn to put himself to sleep. A big aha moment was to see how much a day routine impacts on the night sleep.
You are very passionate about your work, and you are very very good at it. I will be eternally grateful for the love you gave to our baby and our family.And our little boy graduated with honors; he sleeps through the night .... 7 pm to 7 am ... it is unbelievable!
Thank you so much for everything that you do.

Palo Alto, CA

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Baby's Hand

“Mia was an excellent newborn care for our family. As a first time mom, I wanted a skilled professional to help me and the baby make the transition into our new lives, and Mia was just that.Mia very much loved our son, and I always knew he was in good hands with her if I left for the day. She took her job seriously and with passion and helped us learn about babies, their needs, and all the best gadgets/products to buy. She talked to him a lot and taught him how to do tummy time, and showed him all sorts of interesting things to help engage his brain.We would highly recommend Mia as an infant care specialist."


San Francisco, CA

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“I had the pleasure of having Mia as our newborn care specialist for both our daughters.
In addition to being a kind and tender caregiver, Mia has an amazing ability to get babies to sleep. My second daughter was a difficult sleeper for the first six weeks of life, and Mia was still able to get her on a consistent routine, ensured solid daytime naps, and got her to sleep through the night in under three months. Mia has a real and true gift.
In addition to helping our newborn sleep through the night, she also helped us with our oldest daughter who was struggling with the transition of having a new siser. Mia helped us retrained her with a new set of routines and habits. We are happy to say our older daughtet was back to her normal schedule (after being off for months) in only 1-2 weeks with Mia's help.
Mia truly loves what she does; she is caring, dependable, and professional. We would highly recommend her to be your newborn care specialist."

Menlo Park, CA

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